My Dell Support Software

In 2013, most Dell consumer PCs and tablets included a system diagnostics and management application called My Dell.  For two of its updates I served as the sole interaction designer and Experience Design Group representative on the product team.   Our goals were to evolve My Dell into a more feature-rich and easier-to-use tool. It would later be rebranded as Dell SupportAssist.

The team needed the following:

  • A revised home screen and site architecture that accommodated feature changes
  • An interaction sequence for a system diagnostics troubleshooting wizard that takes users from identified issues to implemented solutions
  • A more sophisticated UI for managing system notifications
  • A welcome experience that more clearly defined the purpose and features of the app

What I did

Drawing from user and VOC research as well as brainstorming sessions with the team and project manager, I took these steps:

  1. Conceptualized the diagnostics troubleshooter with a hand-drawn storyboard and mapped out the task flow and decision points
  2. Replicated the task flow within a low-fi Axure prototype of the current app
  3. Designed a welcome experience and demonstrated the first use flow with a medium fidelity Axure prototype
  4. Designed a new layout (again in Axure) for the notifications section of the app and a new flow for resolving identified issues
  5. Designed multiple home page layouts which we tested with real users and iterated
  6. Built multiple behavioral specifications which I submitted, along with Axure prototypes, to 3rd party developers


  • A third-party assessment showed a 58% reduction in the number of steps to issue resolution and an 84% reduction in time spent on the phone when the app transitioned from My Dell to Dell SupportAssist
  • The design group adopted Axure as its preferred design and testing tool

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