Robert Newell

Mission Driven Qualitative User Experience Researcher and Strategist

I have extensive experience and expertise leading and facilitating impactful research across the development life cycle. I’m driven to work towards the common public good and help individuals succeed in their personal and professional lives.  I thrive on collaboration, like to hear and tell stories, and map ways of working to product goals. Let’s do UX for Good together!

From My Colleagues

“Robert demonstrated a relentless work ethic, focusing on critical details while never losing sight of the Big Picture.”

Liz Pratt, Head of Research, IBM AI Applications

“We couldn’t have done it without Robert’s outstanding research. He’s a consummate collaborator, and an excellent team member that you can always rely on to get the job done.”

Liz Roden Hall, Product Manager at Pearson Education

“Robert is the type of person you can completely trust with any challenge. Simply hand it over and walk away, and you can rely on his completeness and thoughtfulness to the work.”

Rob Clark, Director of Design & Development Standards & Practices at Western Governors University