I grew up in Houston, Texas, but Austin has been my on-and-off home for more than 20 years. Thanks to my professional path and general wanderlust,  I’ve also lived and worked in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Denver, London, The Hague, and Taichung, Taiwan.

In a previous life I was a professional actor.  You may have seen me in a series or a commercial, but I wouldn’t go through all the seasons of Friday Night Lights or Prison Break just to find me.  

Here’s a print ad I did for Dell.  Life imitating art, I actually worked for Dell a few years later, and would lean over conference room tables acting all focused and serious just like this. 

I’m quite addicted to the outdoors and get outside as often as I can.  I’m an avid cyclist, marathon runner, backpacker, snowboarder, and general anything-outsider.  On Saturday mornings you’ll find me slogging along Town Lake before grabbing a spot in one of Austin’s ubiquitous lines for barbecue.  Go Austin!