DDP | ST Mobile

Dell Data Protection is a suite of enterprise security management tools.  In my 2nd engagement with the program, I collaborated with the principal usability engineer on a mobile app that automatically authenticates users and unlocks their systems when they are in close proximity to their workspace.

What I did

  1. Collaborated with the UX team lead and visual designer to design the app’s layout, architecture, and features including first-use walkthrough screens and coach marks, mobile and desktop screens during the pairing sequence with the desktop client, and the mobile app’s menus
  2. Moved our designs into two Axure prototypes representing both the mobile and desktop experience
  3. Incorporated high fidelity comps into the mobile prototype, matched the app’s behavior with Axure, and demo’d it on a Nexus 5
  4. Developed a usability test using the Axure prototypes together to perform all core tasks including pairing devices and user authentication
  5. Managed a usability contractor who conducted the test and worked with him to produce the report
  6. Worked with both Dell and 3rd party developers to iterate additional designs for both mobile and desktop in an Agile environment with Axure and Balsamiq prototypes as deliverables
  7. Managed a mobile design plan, seeking out and engaging both visual designers and developers to target select form factors and asset generation workflows and develop the app in Android and iOS 6 and 7


While I was part of a larger UX team led by Principal Usability Engineer Liz Pratt, our collective efforts inspired these results:

  • Axure prototypes began replacing functional specs as design teams’ deliverables to development
  • Dell chose several UX-based design and feature recommendations over price when rebuilding and marketing the product
  • Dell Data Protection went from what many considered ‘bloatware’ to a best-in-class security offering
  • In 2014, Dell Data Protection became Dell End User Computing’s Most Successful Software in 2014, up 400% from 2013

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