Dell Data Protection | Security Tools

Dell Data Protection is a suite of enterprise security management tools.  The program team needed to assess the usability of Dell’s local security management offering, Security Tools (DDP | ST), and understand where its performance sits in the competitive landscape.

What I did

I developed and conducted a competitive benchmark usability test, taking the following steps:

  1. Researched primary competitors in the security space and their native and 3rd party vendor authentication and encryption solutions
  2. Procured two competing systems from HP and Lenovo, building comparable security management environments on each
  3. Ensured valid and statistically significant test data through multiple trials, a within-subjects design, and counterbalanced tasks
  4. Conducted the Dell-Lenovo trial and managed a contract usability engineer as he performed the Dell-HP trial
  5. Produced two reports and presented integrated findings to the program team


  • Established a valid performance baseline used to assess future improvements
  • The competitive landscape assessment informed development of future DDP features, and helped establish differentiators that would ultimately make DDP a best-in-class security offering


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