Managing Courses in OpenStax Tutor Beta

The product team needed an intuitive way for instructors to add or copy OpenStax Tutor Beta courses on their own.  When copying courses, instructors needed to be able to use the same assignments the following term.

What I did

  • I redesigned our course deep links on our generic courses page from simple full width blocks to tiles with more useful course information and feature options.
  • I designed a course-adding/copying flow from multiple touchpoints. Rather than risk the unreliability of automatic assignment day/time-shifting, the solution allows users to drag and drop the previous course’s assignments on to their new calendar.
  • I designed the full task flow and med-high fidelity screen flows in Axure, added new patterns and styles to an existing visual design, designed user test plans, and conducted both formative and validation user testing.


  • Saved instructors substantial time rebuilding a course
  • Self-service functionality reduced need for OpenStax’s support resources
  • New consolidated courses page design allowed for feature growth


Axure RP, Sketch


Interaction designer, usability tester